• Smarter than Your Average Bear

    Well water is often polluted with the byproducts of oil well drilling, farming, and fracking. Often many miles away.. Stream water is often infected with Giardia and Cryptosporidium from animal feces – usually ruminants like deer. It’s not as simple or freshh as you make it out to be.

    • MJR

      The well water issues you have written about are only an issue if it’s from a shallow well. Deep wells (ours is 157 feet) don’t have this issue. All the impurities are filtered out as the water travels through the aquifer. Now having written this there is one issue with deep wells, a lot of mineral deposits. This is taken care of with a water softener. To prevent contamination at the well head it needs to be bolted down and have a gasket so nothing can get in but otherwise it’s fine. As for fracking the nearest drillers are around 1500 miles away.