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Health Benefits Of Living Off The Grid

2. Enjoy fresh water sources

Nowadays, most of our water sources have become very contaminated and you will be surprised to know that the water you use at home for drinking and cooking is very far from what freshness is all about. One of the requirements for living off the grid is having a fresh source of water on your property. You can get the water by digging a well or alternatively, a running creek on your property could also help. This will benefit your health in a major way especially considering that the water that is used in the cities is actually ‘treated’ at water plants and thus comes with a myriad of many harmful chemicals that are disastrous to your health. It is common sense that water obtained from the earth directly is much healthier. This way, you won’t have to worry about fertilizers or hydrogen sulfide, which could take a great toll on your health. Well, water is undoubtedly the healthiest water you can take not to mention that is also a sustainable option. 


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