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How to Grow Mushrooms

Growing mushrooms might seem a little complicated but this is a task that any enthusiastic gardener shouldn’t hesitate to attempt. The most important thing is setting up the most appropriate environment for them to growth in. Growing mushrooms is different from plants because you won’t be growing them from seeds but from microscopic spores, which take root in the growing medium or substrate. Growing mushrooms at home is easy as you can manage light and temperature conditions, which are vital for their growth.

Which mushroom type do you want to grow?

 The first thing is deciding on the type of mushroom that you wish to growth. Generally speaking, the ease of growing mushroom varies from one type to another. The easiest ones to grow are white button, shitake and oyster. While the method used for growing these mushrooms is similar, there exists difference in the ideal medium for growing them. If you choose shitakes, hardwood sawdust is the best place to grow them. Oysters are best grown in straw while composted manure is the best place for growing button mushrooms. Your taste is what should guide your selection and by the end of the day, growing the type of mushroom that you desire to eat most will make everything much easier and enjoyable for

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