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Top 10 Reasons to Raise Chickens

Growing of chickens is perhaps one of the first agricultural ventures that anybody who has his own home can engage in. But, another thing is that you cannot grow chickens if you do not have the space to do so. You also need some level of expertise in the field for you to be successful. Though the reasons why different people grow these chickens vary, nobody has ever doubted the great advantages that abound in growing chickens. When you look at those little fine things making noise at the back of your house, you might be looking at the meat they will give you in the near future or you might even have your mind focused only on the great eggs that will taste like no other, which will be coming your way soon. But you do not know that there is an avalanche of other advantages that will be derived from those little creatures looking at you and running around. The truth is that there are numerous reasons to grow chickens. Some who are simply in love with chickens might be growing them for the love of doing this, without knowing the other good reasons for this.


1. The first and most agriculturally correct reason to grow chickens is that the eggs you get from the chickens grown in your back yard are obviously more nutritious than what you buy from the market. The fact here is that the chickens that have enough space to run around and feed on varieties of foods instead of only the chicken feed produce better vitamin E and omega 3 fats.


2. The next reason is that when you grow chickens in your backyard, you are going to have eggs that also taste better. They are not only more nutritious than what you get from the chicken farms, they are also tastier and this you will notice on your own when you eat them. The fact available says that the kind of flavor you get from this can never be compared with what you get from eggs that are bought from stores.


3. Another great advantage or reason to grow chickens is the fun of it. There is a huge fun involved in the gathering of eggs. Yes, this is one thing your kids and even your husband will enjoy doing in the morning. You will have a great feeling when you are the person to gather the eggs on your own. It is a treasure for the kids whenever they search for the egg boxes to gather eggs.


4. Another great reason to grow your own chickens is what the eggs will do in your home. Yes, have you not noticed that
it is very rare for you to come across kids who do not eat eggs? Most of the kids are in love with eggs. When you have your own backyard chickens, you have the leverage of just running in and preparing your kid some eggs when he or she does not feel like eating anything else. Many of them will eat this without getting tired of it, plus it is good for their growth.


5. Another reason why you must try raising chickens today is because they are very easy to keep and grow. Yes, have you considered keeping pigs or cattle? You will discover that you will have double the stress of keeping chickens if you try any of these. You do not worry about a lot of things when you keep chickens. They are strong and highly adaptive livestock. They also do great when they are kept in groups and not one on an environment.


6. One thing the world is loosing fast is the issue of being attuned to nature. There are some kids that live their whole life without having contacts with animals, and thereby not knowing what nature is all about. One even asked whether these meats are produced. This is bad. When you have your background chickens, you educate your children on livestock and animals, and even how to prepare the meat when it is time to kill them for the meals. A documentary was online last year where an African woman who went home for one of the festivals where they kill and eat chickens was trying to educate people from her community in Canada on the real methods of handling these, and majority of the kids who have never seen this were all amazed at what she was doing.


7. Another reason is that you don’t have anything to do with meat scarcity in the market. In as much as you can get some meat from the market for the sake of variety and balanced diet, you can always supply your own means when it is necessary. This is perhaps one of the greatest reasons to grow chickens.

8. It also helps you to be in control of the type of food you eat. Since you have the supply within your household, you can now choose whether to go cruelty-free, non-GMO or organic.

9. The next reason why everybody must grow chickens is because of what they will help you do at home. Those table scraps and food wastes that you find very difficult to dispose and recycle are things you do not worry about if you have chickens. They will take care of all these and in turn produce eggs for you. Can you beat this? The environment is done a great good by this, and you also save a lot of money that would have gone to waste removal and management.

10. Another great reason why many people grow chickens is because they also serve as pest control animals. Have you not noticed that all the protein packed insects are food for the chickens? So, if you have been having problems of organic pests, you have your chickens as the ones to do the cleanup for you. You will be surprised to notice in no distant time that you will have a pest free home with the chickens around. Do you have little weeds around? Your chickens will also deal with these. 

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