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Vegetables That Grow in Shade

Mesclun: this is one of the best vegetables that you can grow in your shady garden. It can grow even with as little as just two hours of sunlight per day, and it is able to handle dappled shade quite well. Generally, mesclun is known for its relatively delicate leaves that are used for making salad mix. As such, the leaves are more vulnerable to damage when grown in full sunlight and providing a shade for your mesclun is always recommended.

Root vegetables: to get a decent produce, your root vegetables don’t have to be planted in the sunlight as a shady environment will do just fine. Some of those root vegetables that you can grow in partial shade are such as carrots, beets, potatoes, turnips and radishes. You will only need to wait a little bit longer for them to mature. Having more light will of course mean that they will mature much faster but there is no harm in growing them under the shade, especially of you are not in a great hurry of getting the produce.

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