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Which Vegetables to Grow During Summer

Many people do complain about the negative effect of summer on their gardens. This has made a lot of people who are living in areas with long periods of summer to lose interest in farming. However, this is completely because of some level of ignorance. There are some plants and vegetables that thrive well in summer and sunny conditions. If you are looking for vegetables to grow during summer, these should be the ones you must consider.

 There are some vegetables that are regarded as warm season vegetables, and this is because these require longer daytime and warmer temperature to thrive. The difference here is that while vegetables like broccoli and lettuce will revel in huge moisture and rain, these summer season vegetables do not tolerate frost. Because of this, they tend to sulk when left in cold soil. Longer periods of sunlight and warm soil are needed by these.

 Because of the mentioned conditions, you must ensure that these vegetables are planted when the last frost has been experienced in your area, and the temperature is no longer freezing. By this time, the soil is now warm enough for the germination of these seeds.

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