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How To Grow Melons

  • Study the climate

  Since it is much easier to grow melons in warmer climates, it is essential that you consider the coolness of the ground before you decide to do the planting. Melons grow well in dry soil and as such, you might have to wait until all the wet soil has completely dried before you plant your melons. Doing so will help ensure that your melons are able to germinate properly and fast.

  • Seeds or starter melon plants? Make a decision

  Melons can either be grown either from starter melon plants or from seeds. You will thus need to make up your mind on exactly how you intend to grow your melons. After making up your mind, you will need to buy the starter plants or the seeds which you will grow. You can order this from your local garden store or from a nearby nursery. You will also need to choose a perfect spot where you intend to grow the melons. It is essential that the place you choose should be able to receive full sunlight during the entire day for your melons to germinate properly.

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