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How To Grow Melons

  • Watering

  Watering is very essential for your melons to grow properly. Before you plant, make sure that the area is adequately saturated with water and after planting; water your melons after every 2 days. During summer, more watering is required to ensure that the soil doesn’t get completely dry, which could really frustrate the growth of your melons.


  • Other growing tips

  It is of paramount importance that you fertilize your plants after every 3 weeks or so throughout their growth season. This will certainly assure you of the best outcome in the long run. Make sure that you also actively check your melons for diseases and pests throughout their season of growth. Such will be characterized by holes in leaves or color patches on plants, which might require that you address the issues. It is advisable that you treat diseases and pests on your melons with natural methods rather than using chemicals. Ensuring that your melon plants are always healthy throughout the growing season is essential and this will help them remain disease free and help ensure that they don’t attract pests. Harvest your fully grown melons on early fall and enjoy their sweetness with your family.

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