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What You Need To know About Seed Saving

Even though the technique of seed saving might be relatively new to most people, the truth is that seed saving is an old tradition just like gardening. Some gardeners consider seeds obtained from their most favorite plants as treasures that are worth saving for years. Nowadays, seedlings and seeds are quite inexpensive, and you might be left asking yourself while you still need to save seeds after all. However, as you shall soon realize, seed saving comes with a plethora of benefits that you should take full advantage of.

Why save seeds?

To start with, seed saving gives you an opportunity of being able to keep on hanging on your most favorite seed variety. In addition, it will also help keep money in your wallet since you don’t have to keep buying a new stock of seeds every season. While seeds are of course not expensive as such, buying them regularly might end up costing you a lot of money in the long run. If there is a plant that you really love, you will be able to grow it again and again from your original seeds which you have saved. Such could probably be a champion pumpkin, a deliciously tasting tomato or the blue Campanula. This will save you from surprises of knowing that your local seed company has discontinued your most favorite seed in their efforts of paving way for a new variety. In the unlikely event that this happens, your saved seeds will give you a guarantee that you will continue planting and harvesting your most favorite seeds.

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