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What You Need To know About Seed Saving

How to time and save seeds

When you want to save seeds, always pick plants, vegetables, flowers and fruits of the best quality only. Make sure that you look for plants with seeds that are disease resistance, those with a great flavor, enhanced productivity and vigor. Keep in mind the fact that the plants that you sow next year will be as good as the current year’s seeds. Harvest seeds for saving once the seed pods are dried completely for plants like lettuce, beans, broccoli and flowers. Always keep checking the pods and harvest the seeds after they have started turning brown. In most cases, seed pods send to open and then disperse all by their own without needing any intervention.

If you are saving seeds of vegetables, do after the vegetable has ripened fully in case of eggplant, squash, tomatoes and peppers. Such vegetables will already be past their acceptable edible stage and the seeds will be ready. In most vegetables, you just need to scoop the seeds out and then dry them for saving. As far as saving potato seeds is concerned, a wet method of processing is required.


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