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What You Need To know About Seed Saving

How to store saved seeds

Saved seeds must be stored in the best environment possible to ensure that they remain in the best condition possible. To start with, ensure that the seeds you intend to save are dry completely otherwise it will just mold or rot in storage. Make sure that you remove chaff from the seeds and remove as much of it as possible. Store the seeds in a clean paper envelope that is well labeled with the year and seed variety. The envelopes containing the seeds need to be saving in air tight containers like a canning jar. Store them in a place that is dry and cool. Don’t store them for too long and ensure you use them the next year.

Saving seeds can become one of your best hobbies sooner than later particularly if you do it on a couple of times. Adopting the practice of growing plants that come from saved seeds will assure you plants that are adapted uniquely to your garden and your seeds will even become much more valuable after time. Remember that the quality of seeds you save will be reflected in the quality of plants that you will be seeing in your garden next year. It is thus important that you select only the best quality seeds for saving.


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