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10 Benefits of Using Baking Soda in The Garden!

Rejuvenating your rose bushes

You can also rejuvenate rose bushes using baking soda in an incredibly simple way. You just need to mix together a tsp baking soda, add some clear ammonia and then a tsp Epsom salt which should then be mixed with some water. A gallon of the mixture should be enough for treating about four bushes of rose which have unfortunately lost their luster.

Weed killer

Killing and preventing weed is yet another incredible benefit of baking soda in your garden. This works in a rather simple way as you just need to pour full strength baking soda on to the cracks of your walkway or patio. This is capable of killing most of the small weeds sprouting and you can be sure than new ones won’t be growing there any time soon. Still on the same note, you can use baking soda for weed control at your garden and you can be sure of getting some incredible benefits by using it.


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