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10 Benefits of Using Baking Soda in The Garden!

Killing crabgrass

You can also kill crabgrass in your garden easily by using baking soda. In this regard, you will need to wet your crab grass and then a heavy dust of the baking soda on top. After some few days, the crab grass is going to die. Do the sprinkling carefully to ensure that the surrounding grass is not touched by the baking soda as it will simply die.

Pest control

The use of baking soda for pest control is something that has been done by many gardeners for many years now. Baking soda is incredibly effective when it comes to controlling pests that are annoying you and you have every reason in the world why you shouldn’t hesitate to use it for controlling pests at your garden. In this regard, the baking soda should be sprinkled on the soil and it will deter away a wide range of pests such as rabbits, silver fish, roaches and ants. For slugs, put then right in the baking soda but avoid getting on your plants.

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