No matter how small your porch or patio is, you can still change it into a beautiful garden of flowers or a crop of some of the best vegetables grown in containers. Some of the containers which you can use for this purpose include wooden barrels, planter boxes, large flower pots and even hanging baskets. As a container gardener, your imagination is your only limitation. Gardening in containers makes a lot of sense for people with little garden space but still want to engage in some gardening too.

Complete Guide to Container Gardening

Containers also make an ideal choice where the balcony is the only place you have to grow your flowers or crops. A wide range of plants are incredibly happy when being grown in containers such as basil, thyme, chives and many other herbs. You can set them in a convenient spot may be just outside your kitchen door and you can rest assured that you will have an incredibly beautiful garden. Container plants add versatility as well to your garden, whether it is small or large. The containers create a focal point in your garden and add instant color that makes your garden incredibly lovely.