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What to feed chickens to lay more eggs

Feeding your chickens appropriately is essential if you want them to lay good, large and strong eggs while being healthy at the same time. Generally speaking, chickens are omnivores just like man. You will need to keep in mind the fact that what chickens eat is different from what chickens must eat to produce better. But chickens will eat nearly everything ranging from spaghettis and even less exciting foods such as grass, vegetables, flowers and fruits. They also eat seeds and grains and even bugs which they find on them. However, if egg production is the main reason why you rear eggs and you want more and more eggs, you will need to know about chicken feeds that boost egg production as detailed here below:

Layers pellets

Since your chickens are layers, the market is home to some very good layers pellets that you can feed your chickens and be amazed at their increased egg production. Layers pellets work pretty well and you will be thrilled at how they can boost the egg production of your chicken. Another must have in this group is poultry corn but still, avoid feeding more of it than you to do to layers pellets. Make sure that these feeds are available in their feeding trough on a daily basis not only to produce more eggs but also to ensure that the eggs are hard enough to minimize any likelihood of breakages.


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