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How to Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

How to Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

Most garden centers sell tomato plants which you could buy and plant in your garden. But why is it a good idea that you grow tomatoes from seeds? For starters, every seasoned tomato grower will tell you that growing your tomatoes from seed allows you to access a large variety of tomatoes rather than simply having to settle for limited selections of the tomatoes. Tomatoes are generally heat lovers and as such, most gardeners find themselves not having sufficient time to grow the tomatoes outdoors. For this reason, they start off by growing them indoors under lights after which they are transplanted out in the field.

Choosing tomato seeds

To grow tomatoes from seeds, the first step is to know the options available at your disposal. For starters, you can decide to plant organic seed in which case you are advised to look for seeds that are certified. Depending on your area, it is essential that you choose seeds that are disease resistance. You should research about the diseases that are present in your locality and look for varieties that are built to resist the diseases. Heirloom tomatoes are preferred by gardeners who are interested in flavorful tomatoes.

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