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How to Grow Tomatoes From Seeds

Planting the tomato seeds

Start by making ¼ inch furrows in your planting mix. Carefully sprinkle 2 or 3 seeds in the furrow and use the potting mix to cover the seed. Firm the mix gently to ensure that the seeds get into a perfect contact with your soil. The surface can be sprayed with some water just in case you feel that it is not adequately moist as you would want it to be. Mostly importantly, being patient pays a lot especially when dealing with tomato seeds as they are very delicate.

The containers with the seeds should be placed in a place with a relatively warm environment and should be checked on a daily basis especially in order to ensure that the soil stays moist at all times and not wet. Keep watching the containers each day for germination. Another idea would be to place your containers in a plastic bag in order to create a greenhouse like structure and remove the bag once the seedlings start emerging.


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