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Tips To Get Rid Of a Tree Stump

  1. Induce rot

You can induce rotting of the tree stump which despite being a slow process, it is one of the easiest, especially if you don’t have the muscles to spare for digging out the tree stump. If a stump has been cut closely, it will eventually rot away. Nevertheless, you can encourage fungal growth to speed up the process. However, you should be very patient as this might take some time for the stump to get rotten away. The process starts by drilling some deep holes at the top of your tree stump with a spade bit.


After you are done drilling, pour in nitrogen- rich fertilizer on top and then fill the drilled homes up with water. With an ideal fertilizer, the rotting will be quicker than you would probably expect. Then, the tree stump needs to be covered with dirt or mulch and ensure that it stays damp at all times. You also need to keep in mind the fact that rotting a stump out comes with its share of risk as well. This is because unfriendly fungi can take hold and may jeopardize the health of other trees nearby. There are many commercial tree stump removal products available on the market that you can use. However, these chemicals can also be used in the explosives and you will really need to give a good explanation as to what you expect to do with it. After the treatment, ensure that you burn the stump out, clear the place and add some garden soil.

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