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How to water your lawn

Knowing how to water your lawn the right way will save you money and time. It is an undeniable fact that water is very important to lawns. However, too little or too much of it can harm your lawn. Leaving your sprinkler running the whole night till dawn is a sheer waste of precious resources and only makes the conditions for conducive for diseases. Watering your lawn light only sets it for troubles, especially during the hot weather. Here is a look at some lawn watering basics that you should be well acquitted with if you want to have a lush green beautifully looking lawn at your home.

Water your lawn on when necessary

Just because water is essential for your lawn doesn’t mean that you water it all day and night long. Rather do so when your lawn needs it. Besides conserving water, there are many other reasons why limiting the amount you are giving your lawn is necessary. Over watering affects the health of your lawn in an undesirable way and can be the onset for the development of diseases and fungus. There are some types of lawns that demand more water while environmental factors like wind, temperature and humidity will also dictate when to water your lawn. You should be able to tell when your lawn needs water. This is more so when you see it starting to show off that blue gray tint while the plant’s older leaf blades starts wilting or curling up. If someone steps on the lawn and the footprints remain on it for a longer time than usual, i.e. the grass fails to ‘bounce back’; this is an indicator that some watering is needed.


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