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How to Choose the Perfect Survival Knife


The survival knife which will best suit your needs best will actually depend on what type of functionality you are looking for. Survival knives come in basic knife form, or multi-purpose knife form, which include a range of different tools. Basic survival knives are lightweight and normally just include a handle and a blade. There are generalist multi-purpose knives available and a range of specialist multi-purpose knives available. A generalist knife will normally include a few different tools which will help you out with a range of different tasks. This may include tools like knives, scissors, a screwdriver and some tweezers. The most basic survival knives will only come with 2 or 3 tools, whereas the most elaborate generalist knives can have 20-30 different tools on them. If you know exactly what you need the knife for, then you can invest in a specialist survival knife. For example, a fisherman’s survival knife may include all of the basic tools that you need to prepare your fishing equipment, and then clean/prepare the fish for cooking once it has been caught.


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