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How to Build an Eco-friendly House


You are going to need energy to power the appliances in your home, unless you are planning on living gadget-free. Whilst it is a shrewd move to connect your new home up to the national powergrid in case of emergencies, it is possible to power your home entirely using localized renewable energy generation devices. If you live in a sunny area, solar cells are a brilliant investment. The location of your home will dictate which way you need to face your solar panels for maximum effect. Depending on your climate, you can support or replace solar panels with wind turbines. Whilst some people think of turbines as unsightly, clever design techniques can help to make them seem really integrated into the style of the home. If you have built your home near a flowing water supply, you may even be able to take advantage of micro-hydro generation sources, for example a water wheel. The force of the water turns the wheel, which generates energy.


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