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How to Build an Eco-friendly House

Saving Water


There is a range of water saving devices to place around your home to save water. If you live in an area where it rains a lot, buy a rainwater butt to collect water when it rains. You can use this water to water your plants, rather than using expensive tap water from the mains. If you cannot afford a special eco-toilet, reduce the water waste which is associated with using a standard toilet by adding a water saver to the cistern. Most of the water that floods into the pan when you flush a normal toilet is unnecessary, so reducing the amount of water that you flush will have a positive environmental impact and will reduce your water bills. Anything that takes up space in your cistern will reduce the flush level.  The same can be said of showers; whilst showering is far more eco-friendly that bathing is, if you install a power shower then you may be undoing all of your good work. An aeration or low flow shower head will spray out enough water to keep you clean, but not so much that it becomes wasteful.

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