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How to Grow Lemon Trees in Pots From Seed: (5 Steps)

How to Grow Lemon Trees in Pots From Seed: (5 Steps)

So, you’re wondering how to grow lemon trees from seed, but you’re worried the climate you live in may be slightly too cold to sustain them? Fear not, we’ve got some hints and tips that will ensure that you can cultivate healthy, fruiting trees despite the winter weather! Citrus fruits like lemon can also be grown inside and flourish with the right care and maintenance. Here’s how!

Step One: Choosing a Variety of Lemon.

Firstly, we’d recommend choosing an organic lemon as these are less likely to contain ‘dud’ seeds which won’t germinate.

Step Two: Removing the Seeds.

Half the lemon with a sharp knife, keeping all of the seeds that the knife hasn’t made contact with or damaged. By keeping all of them, you increase the chances of sprouting successful seeds.

Step Three: Peeling the Seeds.

We’d recommend drying the seeds first with a paper towel to make this process easier, as they can be quite slimy. Once this is complete, simply place the seeds on a wet paper towel in a warm, dark environment. Bingo! After a week or so, you should see that some of them have begun to sprout. They are now ready to be planted.

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